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In recent years, the importance of external traffic such as social media, blogs and Google Adwords has grown exponentially for success in marketplaces. Your potential customers are spending more and more time on their mobile phones. They watch videos on Youtube, ask questions on Google and comment on pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

Today, you can reach your customers virtually every time they browse Google and spend time on social media. For this reason, it is essential to advertise on these platforms to direct external traffic to your Amazon listings or online store.

These advertising options give you the option to segment potential customers that you want to send to your Amazon listings or your online shop. Powerful and complex algorithms allow you to target a specific audience based on their interests, demographics, and online behavior. You can also create remarketing lists of the people who have dealt with your content. In addition, you can reach them again and again and thus show different and new offers.

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How would you benefit from investing in this type of advertising?

First, you have the opportunity to diversify your online presence. Yo would do marketing on Amazon as well as on other platforms. Remember that you should never bet everything on one card. Second, you can use the power of Google and Facebook to increase your sales. Google receives approximately 63 thousand search queries per second and there are 18 million Facebook and 9 million Instagram-active users in Germany. In addition, we are happy to help you:

Strategy development and creation of advertising campaigns & landing pages

Tracking and analysis of external traffic indicators and KPIs

Optimization and reporting of campaign results

Influencer and PR Management

We also offer you the creation and design of the content, which you can use for your advertising campaigns. Our team of passionate designers and copywriters will turn your ads into more revenue.


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