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Data also plays an important role on Amazon. The Market Pioneers do not simply make decisions from the gut feeling, but on the basis of key figures and KPIs. In this way, we take the right and most promising measures for each customer and make them transparent and comprehensible at all times.

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Why Amazon SEO?

To be able to sell many products on Amazon, you also need a lot of visibility, for which Amazon SEO is the decisive factor. This means: The better the positions your products achieve under a certain keyword, the better potential customers will be able to find them. However, a good position alone is not everything: In addition to the Amazon algorithm, the customer must also experience an impeccable and inspiring shopping experience. The challenge is to understand the balancing act between targeted visibility and professional, user-friendly content and to be able to implement the right measures. The Market Pioneers as a professional Amazon agency with the experience and expertise from numerous successful projects in the field of Amazon Listing Optimization will help you to achieve this.

What does Amazon SEO or MPO mean?

Marketplace optimization compactly explained

Amazon SEO (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) is a technical term from the Amazon marketplace sector. The goal of these measures is analogous to the classic SEO, which is known from Google: optimization of a page (in the case of Amazon it is the product listing), so that the corresponding search engine (here the Amazon search) perceives the page (here the product) under certain keywords as important and places it as high as possible. This is the so-called ranking which is displayed on the SERP (SERP = Search Engine Result Page). Unlike Google, Amazon's SERP is not limited to ten results. If the search is on a results page without a category, Amazon usually delivers 15 products. If a category is selected or Amazon recognizes by itself that the keyword is a category, up to 24 products will be played on the first page.

Attention: If you now count all products, you will find more results under most search terms than the above mentioned number. Here, however, it is important to distinguish the classic search results from the sponsored products. These are products whose position was bought under certain keywords on Amazon and which are called Sponsored Products. Here Amazon adds depending upon constellation also gladly times up to ten or twelve further products of the SERP.

How do we help sellers as Amazon SEO Agency?

A clearly arranged list

To find your way in the jungle of Amazon optimization, we as Amazon SEO Agency help our clients as consultants, supporters and partners. The key to success is a well thought-out process, adherence to best practices and constant monitoring of optimisation. Organic optimization takes place in 5 essential steps:

Our optimization process for Amazon SEO Optimization

Product analysis: Product profile sharpening

What kind of product do you want to sell? What are the advantages of the product and how does it stand out from the competition? What demand does the product meet? How to successfully market this?

Target group analysis

Who wants to buy this product? How would you like to address this target group? How can the demand be aroused and covered?

Keyword analysis: Find and optimize Amazon keywords

What Amazon keywords are customers looking for that might be interesting for the product? Which keywords contain a hidden purchase intention? How can the user's expectations be fulfilled during a search?

Amazon Listing Optimization

After the first three steps have been completed, the "actual" Listing Optimization or Amazon SEO Optimization takes place. We create targeted content, observe all Amazon guidelines and apply our broad know-how and wealth of experience for keyword oriented optimization.

Optimization monitoring

A completed optimization can be put online initially, but must be constantly re-optimized. New competition and changes of the Amazon algorithm require a permanent monitoring of the newly achieved positions.

Which Amazon content can be optimized?

Finally, any content that a seller is allowed to change directly can be optimized on Amazon. These are areas on which a seller can have influence. There are modules or parameters that are more important for the Amazon A9 algorithm and therefore for listing optimization and modules that are "not so important" in the first step. In addition to those that can be influenced directly, there are also areas that can only be controlled indirectly (because a salesperson in the actual sense cannot actively determine what is happening in the area). These include, for example, the Click Through Rate, the number of units sold and other factors.

Amazon SEO Optimization: The Most Important Parameters


The title on Amazon is one of the most important parameters for any listing. It not only appears directly on the SERP and attracts the attention of a potential customer, but is also considered by the Amazon search algorithm and therefore extremely relevant for Amazon SEO optimization and a good ranking on Amazon. The most important properties and keywords should be immediately visible here. The length of the title is a balancing act: Amazon allows the seller to use up to 250 characters. Despite this possibility, in the USA in 2017 Amazon started to punish products with more than 150 characters and in the worst case to even deactivate them. With this the e-commerce dealer wants to be able to standardize descriptions. However, this procedure limits the seller and limits the possibility to place the keywords in this parameter.

Attributes (also known as bullet points)

The attributes known as bullet points are the five listing points on each item detail page. These can each contain 500 characters. However, there are tests that show that only the first 1000 characters cumulated by the Amazon search algorithm are considered in the sense of the keywords. So it makes sense to use a maximum of 200 characters per bullet point.

Description text

The description text is also important for the Amazon search and thus for a good ranking on Amazon, but with lower priority than title and bullet points. The Google search also makes use of the content. When optimizing Amazon, many merchants forget that the product listing page is also indexed by other search engines. In addition, this text should explain to the customer what he can expect when buying the article and what the advantages are. When it comes to optimizing the Amazon search, user-friendliness must not be left by the wayside. The text may be approx. 2000 characters long for sellers from the Amazon Seller program.

general keywords

These are hidden keywords that only the Amazon search algorithm can see. Words can be used here that are otherwise difficult to place in the public text. Here it is again necessary to clarify strategic questions: do you want to be found e.g. under competitor brands (the use of these in the description is prohibited by the Amazon guidelines) or under search terms that actually do not fit into the text? The maintenance of corresponding keywords can cause additional relevant visibility and is therefore very relevant for Amazon SEO optimization.


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