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Reviews can inspire confidence in a product, but can also prevent a customer from making a purchase. The Amazon Ranking can also be influenced by the reviews. Therefore, it is recommended to keep an eye on reviews and to observe and evaluate them regularly.

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The reviews (or also evaluations, product evaluations, product reviews) of a product play a decisive role in the purchase decision of potential customers. Just like the personal recommendations of friends, Amazon reviews either create confidence in the product - or turn it into a no-go if your experience is negative. Therefore, dealers should pay special attention to the evaluations of their own products. Product reviews can also have an influence on the rankings in the Amazon search. We help motivate customers to rate your products and give your products the reputation they deserve. In doing so, we rely on honest, meaningful evaluations verified by Amazon. In order to work in a sustainable and Amazon-compliant manner, we provide ratings exclusively via voluntary product tests and do not sell ratings!
The sale of ratings is strictly prohibited by Amazon and is not encouraged by us.

Amazon Reviews Basics

On the Amazon article detail page/product detail page every Amazon customer has the possibility to rate the corresponding product. On a scale from 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) stars can be awarded. The evaluation must be accompanied by a title and a description that allow the customer to describe his experience with the product in words. In addition, images and videos can be added to the review, but this is optional (but emphasizes a rating). The reviews are displayed almost at the bottom of the article detail page. First, the average number of stars awarded and a distribution of how often and how many stars have been awarded are displayed as an overview. This can also be used to filter so that the user is only shown reviews with a certain number of stars. Another filter option is the list of keywords below. If you select a keyword, only ratings containing this keyword will be displayed. This enables the interested party to search specifically for product features that are particularly relevant to him or her. Below, a handful of ratings are displayed, those that the Amazon algorithm considers most relevant. If all reviews are to be viewed, the user can access a separate page via "Show all customer reviews". Here you will find all reviews and the possibility to sort, search and filter them.

What influence do Amazon reviews have on buying behavior?

Amazon offers its customers an incredible number of products to buy. Even if the customer is looking for a very special product, this is often offered by several brands and dealers. When deciding for or against a product, the reviews play a decisive role alongside the price and the Amazon product description. Just like in real life, when you get a product recommended by friends or acquaintances. The advantage of Amazon product reviews, however, is that a larger number of people rate the product, so that the user receives a less subjective and therefore more representative statement about the quality of the product. This activates a simple thinking pattern: the better the average rating, the better the article. If two products are approximately the same on most criteria, the average rating can be the tip on the scales to decide for or against a product. Therefore, in addition to optimising their product and the associated content (texts, images, ...), retailers should also always keep an eye on the reviews submitted in order to be able to take countermeasures if necessary.

Can't I just buy Amazon reviews?

Can't I just buy Amazon reviews? Very clear NO! The purchase of reviews, i.e. the targeted payment of users so that they give a good rating, is not only prohibited by the Amazon Terms and Conditions, but also thwarts the actual purpose of Amazon product reviews: Honest product evaluations that support the user in his purchase decision. Therefore, we do not support such practices in any way and strongly advise against hiring services from providers or agencies that only promise good valuations for money. With the Market Pioneers genuine, honest evaluations are obtained.

How does the Market Pioneers' valuation mediation work?

To generate honest reviews for your product, we work with a partner network of voluntary product testers. These get your product strongly discounted or even free of charge (at least 50% discount, but we recommend 90% or 100%) by means of a voucher provided. The evaluators then take time to test and evaluate the product. However, product testers are not obliged to give a good rating, nor are they obliged to give any rating at all. This ensures that all product reviews submitted to Amazon are truly authentic. Experience shows that almost all testers give a rating. The average rating is well above 4.5 stars. Here the principle of reciprocity comes into play: you give me something, so I am also willing to give you something back. The exact procedure of our valuation mediations is described step by step below:

Amazon Review Mediation Procedure

1. Product selection

You select the products for which you want to build Amazon reviews. These can be new products, but also existing products with little or unjustifiably bad ratings.

2. Transmission of information and preparation of quotations

You send us your products and the desired number of reviews - we will then make you an offer.

3. Voucher creation and transmission

You can create vouchers of at least 50% (we recommend 90% or 100%) of the product price in the Amazon Seller Central. You can get instructions for this from us.

4. Product test and product evaluation

The voluntary testers order your product with the voucher, test it, and write (almost always) a review.

5. Evaluation of the campaign

We evaluate for you which Amazon reviews have been generated by the campaign and how successful the campaign has been overall.

How does Amazon deal with product reviews?

As product reviews are an important factor in the purchasing decision of potential customers, Amazon has every reason to be sympathetic to them. The general terms and conditions of Amazon clearly regulate who is allowed to write reviews when and how. It clearly states there that purchased reviews are inadmissible. Therefore, we do not offer product reviews for purchase here, but instead provide vouchers to interested product testers, without obliging them to rate the products. If Amazon suspects that product reviews have been purchased or counterfeited, they are usually rigorously deleted. In our experience, there are 1-2 times a year larger deletion actions on the part of Amazon (mostly at the beginning of the year Q1 and/or Q3), which can also fall victim to real ratings. Therefore, it is all the more important to pursue a sustainable and regular product review strategy.

Building Amazon product reviews: Pro Arguments

Good rating = Good product

This thinking is widespread among customers: The higher the average product rating on Amazon, the better the product. This has a decisive influence on the purchase decision. And you want to make sure that your product works as well as it actually does? Since many retailers sell similar products, it is always an advantage if your own products have higher ratings on Amazon.

Number of ratings indicates popularity

In addition to the average number of stars awarded, the number of product reviews on Amazon also plays an important role in the presentation of the product to the customer. If only a few ratings are available, it may be that the user does not regard this (despite the high number of stars) as representative and prefers a competing product with more ratings. A high number of reviews also suggests that a product has been sold often and is therefore popular with customers. This can also have an influence on purchase decisions. Last but not least, a high number of ratings can catch outliers better (see point 3).

Bad ratings can be unfair

Many Amazon Marketplace merchants know this - you put a lot of effort into your product, the customer service and the article description and still a customer gives a very bad article rating. The annoyance is great here, especially if the average rating is significantly lowered or the poor rating stands out optically due to a low total number of ratings. The targeted creation of product reviews on Amazon can also be a good solution for this problem. If many good ratings are available, the few runaways can be easily balanced and concealed.

Amazon ranking algorithm likes good ratings

Even if Amazon does not officially reveal which factors play a role in the ranking of products in the product search: There are many indications that good ratings can have a positive influence on the ranking. This can therefore lead to a higher number of sales and thus to more turnover, as higher ranked products have more visibility for the customer. So this is about cash - a good reason to build product reviews on Amazon.


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