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"Content is king" has been valid for some time in the classic SEO of the Internet economy, why should this be any different in marketplaces? In contrast to classic content & branding marketing, Amazon offers a strictly predefined framework of design options.

Exactly here it is important to use this correctly and to create the optimum at search machine optimization with the balancing act to the readable purchase experience of a potential buyer. As Amazon Content Agency we help you to achieve this professionally.

What does branding have to do with content? In addition to creating content for product listings, Amazon offers another way to enhance the customer experience: A+ or EBC content. The listing optimization one is very important for the organic optimization (winning the best rankings in the search results), the A+ content is the inspirational part. Both possibilities together offer a fantastic opportunity to push the branding of your own brand or product range.

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The Amazon SEO is one of the most important factors to be found next to the paid visibility on Amazon. The right balance between well-researched keywords and finding the right textual wording plays a role here. On the one hand, the customer should understand the product and want to buy it. On the other hand, a relevance should also be created for the Amazon algorithm. The icing on the cake is the clever placement of the brand in this text in order to use the branding (of course product photography also plays an important role here). We take care of every listing optimization:

An in-depth keyword search, for maximum range

A professional text creation for reading pleasure

The working out of the USP of a product

The Branding: Recognition from the first word on

A professionally created listing with the right Amazon SEO optimization is the be-all and end-all of any organic ranking. It represents the seller's product and helps the customer to make the right purchase decision.

A targeted A+ content or EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) not only increases branding, but also the conversion rate.

The A+ (that's its name for sellers participating in the Amazon Vendor Program) or the EBC (for sellers) is an extended text module that appears instead of the description text. It offers the possibility to explain and present a product in 7 modules (a header module which is intended for the graphics of the brand) and to highlight the USPs (Unique Selling Proposition). In addition to images and sliders, there are also lists or comparison tables. Read our complete A+ / EBC article here, which explains all the subtleties and tricks.

We Market Pioneers help you to develop, implement and optimize the targeted balance between reach and conversion.


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