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Many online merchants have realised that a partnership with Amazon can be very sales-promoting. Not only because Amazon has an enormous reach from which merchants can benefit in the marketplace, but also because Amazon has become the number one product search engine on the Internet over time.

There is therefore inevitably no way around a partnership with Amazon, and business models with an "only Amazon" strategy are increasingly developing. Although reach and potential sales may seem tempting, companies need to ask themselves a few questions about their marketing strategy.

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ProductProducts offered on Amazon should be of high quality. An important point before the actual sale on Amazon is the selection of suitable products. For example, it must be checked whether these may actually be offered on the marketplace (-> product restrictions), the demand and competition situation should be analysed and any USPs (unique selling points) defined.

PriceWith regard to your product portfolio you should define a pricing policy and execute it consistently. The calculation should always be based on fixed and variable costs. The rule is to offer your products at a higher price and then leave the possibility of working with discounts open.

ProcessesFrom a certain size and professionalism of your Amazon business, it is of utmost importance to design your internal processes in such a way that you can always guarantee product availability. This is the only way to ensure that your hard-earned product rankings are not lost and not downgraded at the same time. Customer satisfaction can also be maintained at a constantly high level.

StaffAlthough the Amazon-Seller Business has become well known mainly because as a one-man-company it is possible to achieve a good return flexibe and independent of location, you often can't avoid hiring personnel after a certain turnover volume. Especially the creation of optimized product listings as well as the control of Amazon PPC campaigns can require a lot of effort, which can no longer be managed alone. In addition to building up internal resources, outsourcing to an external agency is also an option.

PromotionPromotion (or advertising) refers to sales-promoting or performance marketing measures. Particularly when initial listing is discontinued, it is hardly possible to increase sales figures in the short term without advertising measures, i.e. only with organic SEO measures. Therefore, a mixture of organic SEO optimization of products and control of Amazon PPC campaigns should always be used.


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