Amazon A+ and EBC - Enhanced Brand Content as Extended Content for Brands

What is EBC and A+ content?

The “Enhanced brand content” is a powerful tool to provide an Amazon listing with a lot of extra information, which normally cannot be maintained with standard listings. Here the terms “Amazon A+ Content” and “Amazon Enhanced Brand Content” come into play again and again. Basically, the product description is an essential factor in the purchase decision for potential customers. With the regular product description, Amazon limits the scope to 2,000 characters and to a few formatting options (HTML code). With this you can describe many products, which do not need further explanation, already extensively, but unfortunately only emotionlessly. However, there are also products which are difficult to explain with the given length and/or which need a certain visual incentive. For a detailed representation of the product details Amazon offers the possibility to extend the product description by further characters, pictures, video and diagrams over different templates. How the A+ and EBC content differ is explained in this article.

What is the difference between Amazon A+ and the EBC content?

In principle, “extended content” is an umbrella term for A+ and EBC content. The A+ content is only available to sellers who use the Amazon vendor program. The EBC content is available to all sellers who have registered a trademark and filed it with Amazon.

What is the difference between a Vendor and a Seller?

The difference between Vendor/Seller:

Vendor: An Amazon Vendor Central participant is a retailer or manufacturer of a registered trademark who sells large quantities of his products directly to Amazon and not to the end customer. It is thus de facto active as a supplier for Amazon. Nevertheless, the vendor is responsible for what product information is made available to the customer in the listing and how it is prepared.

Seller: An Amazon Seller-Central participant is a retailer or manufacturer who sells his own products under a registered trademark independently to the end customer on Amazon or acts as a reseller of third-party branded articles.

What are the differences between the variants of Amazon Advanced Content?

A+: A+ content has long been reserved for Amazon Vendor Central participants only. This variant of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content offers the Amazon vendor access to extensive, ready-made templates. This gives the vendor the opportunity to enter an even more detailed product description.

Even though the topic is already complex enough, the A+ content still differs in: A+ Basic Content and A+ Premium Content. The A+ Premium Content also offers modules such as website-filling graphics, videos and extended product comparisons.

EBC (= Enhanced Branded Content): Amazon has now released a limited version of A+ for Amazon Seller-Central participants. With the Enhanced Branded Content, Amazon offers sellers the opportunity to access ready-made templates with which the product detail page can be expanded. Currently, this variant of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is still free of charge.

ModuleEnhanced Brand ContentA+ BasicA+ Premium
Brand logo as header
Product description
4 images / 4 texts (row)
3 images / 3 texts (row)
4 images / 4 texts (raster)
Image left, text right
Image right, text left
header image
Comparison table 5 pictures
2 frames + sidebar
4 image highlights
Single image and detailed description
Single image and highlights
1 image and overlay with bright text
product comparison
Full screen header
Video with text
Slider with navigation
Picture with highlighted points for hovering
Table with frame
Extended product comparison

What are the benefits of Advanced Content?

Possibilities of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

  • Presentation of your own brand
  • Additional high quality images and videos
  • Extended texts
  • Layout templates
  • Comparison tables
  • FAQ area

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content offers the opportunity to design and visually enhance product detail pages for specific target groups. The product description can thus be supplemented by tens of thousands of additional characters via ready-made templates.
It is also possible to provide additional images, videos, tables and text modules to convince potential customers of the product.
Dealers or manufacturers who want to use Amazon Enhanced Brand Content must first register their products with Amazon in order to gain access to the possibility of additional content. In addition, the additional content is only applicable to ASINs that belong to the registered trademark.

Impact on Amazon SEO

The additional content of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is seen by the Amazon algorithm as a certain advantage – even if the focus is still on the title, bullet points and general keywords. Thus the additional content is passively relevant for the internal search on Amazon, but is actively indexed by search engines like Google.
The situation is different with the conventional product description, which is indexed by Amazon and thus brings Amazon SEO advantages.

Measuring the success of A+ or EBC

For a successful measurement of the additional content, the conversion rate, rankings and traffic must be considered. Over time, the influence of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content on these two factors becomes apparent. Turnover is certainly a meaningful KPI, but other influencing factors, such as seasonal fluctuations, must also be taken into account.


Amazon has established some rules for the application of the additional content, which the seller must observe when creating:

  • Deliver unique content
  • Use of high quality images
  • No information about your own company or contact information may be given
  • Competitors’ products must not be mentioned in the text
  • No indication of price or offer
  • Shipping information for the products is not allowed
  • Symbols for trademark protection or copyright are not permitted
  • Do not refer to customer ratings
  • Information about the guarantee and guarantee promises are to be omitted

Advantages through additional content:

The advantages of using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content are obvious. On the one hand, it noticeably increases the brand experience of the customers, as the product description is now clearly differentiated and visibly more comprehensive.
With EBC or A+ it is possible to provide customers with high-quality images, attractive graphics and other relevant information. This makes it easier for customers to make a purchase decision.
In summary one can say: EBC and A+ can have a positive effect on the conversion rate and thus increase turnover.

Where can I find the Extended Content?

In the Amazon Central under advertising > Extended content for brands or advertising > A+ content

Why is extended content not available for a branded product?

This can happen if the brand name was misspelled for the listing. Please always use upper and lower case.

What does the A+ or EBC content cost?

Currently, this will be provided by Amazon free of charge. However, the development and optimization should be controlled with the involvement of the expertise of an agency, since a negative effect, up to loss of revenue, can occur with incorrect use.

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